Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sign of the Gray Horse Challenge - What are You Thankful For?

     With so much to do this Fall, I usually do not have time to participate in the month long challenges of posting, hashtagging, sharing, etc., and it can get a bit time consuming and tedious.  However, I have decided to do my own Challenge that is only for a week.  Much more manageable, and you do not have to be in "dress, "costume," etc!

     It starts on Sunday, 4 November and ends on 10 November 2018.  The idea is for you to start on Sunday, 4 Nov, with a picture of family you are grateful for, describe a bit about why, and hashtag #signofthegrayhorse and #thankfulchallenge.  That's it!  Then on Monday, post friends you are thankful for, etc!

     Can't wait to see what YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR!

Photo by Paul A. McClintock