Thursday, November 1, 2018

George Washington's Birthplace National Monument - 20 October 2018

     Every year now since 2014, I have spent a day cooking in the hearth at George Washington Birthplace National Monument.  I had just witnesses the surgery on my horse, Mindy's hoof the day prior, and felt that I needed a day to "relax?"  Ha Ha  I had promised to cook for the Marines, and did not want to disappoint the site either.  I am also late in posting this, but wanted to show off the fabulous meal that we made.

Photo taken of me by Krista Jasillo

     This may be the last year that that takes place, as the site is changing their format to focus on the 1930's revival when the site was saved.  Sigh...we had a good time while there!  I was scheduled to hearth cook at Patrick Henry's Scotchtown on 10 November; however, the Mother Nature kept us very wet this past year, and the Mount Vernon Market and Craft Fair was rescheduled from September to 10 November!

Krista peeling apples for her Coddling Tart

     I have some awesome photos of the event - as usual - we outdid ourselves!  This year, it was just Krista Jasillo and I doing the cooking - and boy were we busy!  Kerry McClure and Lynn Price were in the house interpreting two Washington ladies - Mrs. Anna Washington and Mrs. Betty Washington Lewis.

     Pictures speak a thousand words - so here you go!

Bread Pudding and a Coddling Tart in the works!

Krista peeling apples 

Putting the Bread Pudding in the dish

Selfie time!  We had such a great time.  It is very hard to talk to the public and create the meal that we did, but we did it! 

Main meal - Fried cauliflower, stewed mushrooms, coddling tart, baked ham, pickled red cabbage, fried sausages and apples, corn relish, rotisserie chicken, bread pudding, roasted carrots/potatoes/ onions/turnips, and stuffing

 Kerry, Captain McGaughey of the British Marines, and me offering the Coddling Tart.

Dr. Lynn Price as Mrs. Betty Washington Lewis

Dessert - Spice small cakes, cheddar cheese, grapes, cocoa almonds, sugared cherries, plums, sugar small cakes, glazed walnuts, provolone cheese, and candied ginger
To drink - apple cider, lemonade, and water

Every year we provide all scraps (not meat) to the pigs on site!  It is our contribution to making them happy little oinkers