Sunday, April 14, 2019

Prior Attire

     It was a great honor for Izabela of Prior Attire to purchase items from my shop.  I really didn't realize who was purchasing until something - cannot remember what - caught my eye and I realized who it was.  I have always admired her work, and wanted something made by her.  The issue is fittings - but many a good seamstress can work with measurement so hopefully that won't be an issue for a future gown.

     As always, I like to ask my customers to send me photos wearing the items they buy.  It is really neat to see their interpretation with the clothing they match them to.  She made the gown she has on - WOW - and has on a collet necklace, Georgian bow earrings, and is holding one of my gorgeous Spanish fans.  She is looking absolutely gorgeous.

     I was not disappointed in the photos I was tagged in on Facebook!  A lovely surprise for me, when I must confess I was having a bad day.  It is nice to see she is so happy!

     I love to create unique items that others do not have.  In this case, in between each crystal is a lovely CZ bow that also gives a little bling and allows a drop - a very delicate connector.  

     Since this posting, we hopefully will be collaborating in the future.  I am always willing to share my knowledge of jewelry, and want to learn all I can from others as well.  The items she creates are gorgeous!

     Don't forget I will be at the Fort Frederick Market Fair near Hagerstown, Maryland from 24-28 April, and then again at the Revolutionary War weekend at George Washington's Mount Vernon from 2-3 May (check out the photos as you will see me holding the very handsome Floyd at a prior event there).  Come by to see me if you get a chance - and don't forget Mother's Day is coming up soon!