Saturday, May 25, 2019

Chestertown Tea Party Festival, Maryland 2019

     I was asked again to set up at the Chestertown Tea Party Festival to talk about historic foodways.  I was able to show off some of my more unusual hearth cooking equipment, offer my A Book of Cookery, by a Lady!  It was a really nice day, not too hot, and I had a great time set up next to His Majesty's Marines.  

Ready for the day! 

A selfie in front of my table

Lots of interesting things to see here! 

Wearing my new jacket by Sycamore Spring Clothiers with a petticoat 
made by The Silly Sisters 

Early American Life Directory, books handbound 

Still Life of my table - original and reproduction equipment, utensils, a very well used deep dish frying pan, and my book!