Monday, July 1, 2019

Roxton Jewelry Collection

     I'm behind on my blog posts and all of the things happening with the shop.  

     For those who love historical romance and did not see the post by Lucinda Brant on her webpage - she is coming out with new book covers for the Roxton Family Saga!  

     Her article is fascinating!  I often do not have time to sit down and read anymore, and Lucinda also offers these on Audible - an amazing way to listen to her books on my way to the farm.  I was absolutely hooked!  I was able to work with her on the project and was honored to do so.  She was meticulous and wanted every detail correct.  Her research and mine came together in this instant!  Lucinda mentions me and my shop in her article which is very exciting ~

          "Commissioned 18th Century reproduction jewelry.
          As my readers know, my characters’ fabulous 
          clothing is complemented by equally fabulous 
          jewelry. So I commissioned K. Walters At the 
          Sign of the Gray Horse, an 18th Century 
          reproduction jewelry maker extraordinaire, to 
          create the jewelry I describe in the books, from
          Antonia’s emerald and diamond choker, to the 
          Duke’s emerald ducal ring, and Lady Mary’s 
          equipage (chatelaine). It’s all there!

          What is even more exciting, Kimberly will be 
          offering the Roxton Collection of 18th Century 
          jewelry in her Etsy store. All profit from sales go 
          to support the upkeep of Kimberly’s rescue horses. 
          I dare you to resist owning your very own Antonia
          emerald bracelet, or Rory’s pineapple earrings! 
          Stay tuned for the Roxton Jewelry Collection debut!"

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!