Sunday, June 30, 2019

Giveaway with Faces_n_Style on Instagram!

Dear friends!  

     #faces_n_style on Instagram is having a Vintage Summer Challenge in August I have some amazing news !  Sign of the Gray Horse is a part of the giveaway.  

     I will select my favorite photo for those who enter and tag #GeorgianSummer and am offering an exclusive gift with a Forget Me Not Clear Crystal Collet necklace, earrings (with Gold-Filled Earwires and South Sea Shell Pearls), and matching pendant with black ribbon AND ! an exclusive Martha Washington pearl dove brooch in gold to match the parure.

     Check with our pages to see when it ends so be sure to get your photos uploaded and tagged.

Please follow #signofthegrayhorse on Instagram and tag me in your posts.

All Proceeds go to my rescued and adopted Colonial Williamsburg Horses which are very much loved !

Photos below are of clients.