Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Proud and Honored - Roxton Jewelry Collection

     I'm proud and honored to be offering the Roxton Jewelry Collection!  Based upon Lucinda Brant's new book covers, Noble Satyr - the first in the series with a new cover - has some amazing jewelry on the heroine - Antonia!  Read about the cover reveal on Lucinda's blog.

     The necklaces, my famous collet style after originals from the 18th and 19th centuries, are said to be of the most amazing quality and SO authentic looking!  I also have made up bracelets as well as matching earrings - and she does wear them well on the cover.

     The necklaces and bracelets have alternating large oval and small round crystals set in a heavier setting - with closed backs - which allows them to sit flat on the neck.  These are made to about 16 inches long with a crystal gold-plated clasp, which may be a bit long or not long enough for the wearer.  Everyone is different.  These have center rings as well to attach them together - which means they lay differently than any cup chain or the off-set styles.  If worn too long, they may flip or twist and turn.

     Handmade by me - they are a labor of love.  The necklaces and bracelets also have a metal tag included identifying them as from the Roxton Jewelry Collection, and have Lucinda's dancing Georgian figures to show they are authentic.  Nowhere else can you get this set!

     Yes - there is also a matching ring based upon my original 19th century ADORE ring in my personal collection.

     See the collection in my Etsy shop.