Friday, September 20, 2019

George Washington's Mount Vernon Market Fair 2019

     I had a great time at the Market Fair this year, and thanks to all who came in and purchased from my shop.  It is greatly appreciated, and helps me so much since my Mindy has been having ulcer issues.  I know I am due an update to everyone on her.

     Photos are a bit scarce this year, and I was out of the shop when the General came by as I usually want my annual photo, but I did get to greet and walk with him on his way to meet and talk with the many guests that were on the grounds.

     Hope to see many at my next show which is 12-13 October at Mount Harmon Plantation at World's End in Earleville, Maryland.

Looking wistfully outside, relaxing and waiting to go to dinner in the Mount Vernon Inn (which is excellent by the way and a must "to do" if visiting)  Photo by Krista Jasillo

 With Kerry McClure and Beau Robbins

Andrew Williams McEvoy and Mount Vernon's young Martha Washington (aka Elizabeth Keaney) with my new book, and in front of my shop!  Hot day, but loved catch up, and meeting new friends.

Andrew Williams McEvoy holding a signed copy of my book on the Mount Vernon Piazza!

Holding my Barrington Brolly in rose silk!  Also love the new pineapple finials on my tent poles!  

Gema set up a tea table out back in tribute to my new book!  Wow, looks so amazing.  Tea bowls and saucers are by Stephen Earp.

My assistants for the weekend!  So grateful to these ladies for taking their time to help me in the shop.  Couldn't do it without them.  We were slammed!

Holding the first copy of 100 of "White Cockade" by Pamela Patrick White (the horse is my Nelson if you haven't guessed!)

Standing with the artist herself - holding my new giclee!

Shenanigans!  What is going on behind my tent Robin and Krista!?  LOL

With Stephen Earp - who made the teacups in the photo above of the tea service - absolutely perfect delft style pottery!

Toasting a great weekend, fun times, great friendship with 1-year old Fish House Punch! 

Peace out with Gema and Krista