Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Georgian Summer - faces_n_Style Instagram Challenge

     A month or so ago, I posted that I was asked to donate and judge a challenge by faces_n_style on Instagram!  My theme was "Georgian Summer" and the idea was for people to post a photo of themselves, or that they had taken, on the day chosen.  The challenge was actually held the entire month with everyday being a different theme.  

     The items I decided to offer for the winner was a beautiful flower forget me not collet necklace, matching earrings, matching pendant on a black ribbon, and one of the Martha Washington Dove brooches - all of these exclusive to my shop.  My idea was to give something that can be worn everyday as well as for living history.  Yes, it was a lot to offer, but why not make someone happy!?  

     When it came time for day 16, the posts flooded in.  There were a total of 353 entries, some with multiple photos in them!!!  You can see them all at this link or by typing in #day16vintagesummer2019 to find them on Instagram.

     I reviewed all of the photos many times, and chose 12 of my favorites.  That in itself was very hard, and took me a few days to do.

     My criteria was - did I see "Georgian Summer" in the photo?  What is Georgian Summer to me?  I asked some of my friends their thoughts, and got great feedback on what they saw.  I did not look at who the person was that posted the photo, where they lived, or anything else as I wanted to focus on the photos themselves.

     Then I narrowed it down to three.  

     The one that I kept coming back to every time, and the one I chose was this one -

Photo by Yana Yurevna Belova
aka holly_madchen on Instagram

     In my mind, the woman in the photo depicts a carefree happiness in the heart of summer.  Her umber damask gown has movement and reflects the sun as she dances among the trees.  The flower in her hand as if she just received it from her lover or admirer which makes her smile secretly.  I also noticed the pearls!  Her hair exquisitely made up.

Yana Yurevna Belova

     The photographer of this amazing image is Yana and as depicted above.  She is an amazing photographer and she also dresses up in varying impressions, and owns the gelding she is riding below!  How cool is it that I chose a photo of which the photographer is also an equestrian?  I honestly had no idea, I had assumed that the person in the photo entered it into the challenge.

 Yana Yurevna Belova and her gorgeous chestnut gelding

     I wanted to thank everyone who entered this challenge!  It was fun to be asked to participate in it, to see everyone show off their creative talents, and to meet Yana who took the photo. 

Yana Yurevna Belova