Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Revolutionary War Reenactment at Mount Harmon Plantation, Earleville, Maryland

     I am a bit late in posting this, but wanted to show everyone what a really great event we had at Mount Harmon Plantation at World's End this month.  Can't wait for next year - they are also planning one for mid to late October.  The site is gorgeous, the house spectacular, the friends group so accommodating, and an overall great place to spend time at.

     Will let the photos speak for themselves.  I pulled so many from Facebook.  Some are mine, some from Michael Itamura, Alexander BC, Jeff Bross, John DiCarlo, and Al Pochek (possibly others so if I didn't give credit, please forgive me and let me know).  

     Thank you to all who came out and purchased from my shop - your help supports the horses tremendously and is greatly appreciated.  

The Shop!

Jim and I

Krista and Robin - we were having such fun!

Wearing my hat from Silk and Sass

Yellow is so under represented in the hobby 

Robin in the amazing comb back Windsor chair she gifted to me - in the shop

The sunset at this site is phenomenal

British troops getting ready to march out to defend the earth works

Krista at the dock during the sunset (taken with my Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus camera phone - no editing, no filters, just amazing)

View of the British Camp from the roof of the house 

British Marines coming in to the dock  

View of the British camp (left) house, gardens, and sutler area - Continental camp is just out of view on the right) 

Excellent photo by Al Pochek

Frank Bradford of the 17th Light Dragoons of Boots and Saddles Productions

17th Light Dragoons - nice to see such a great turn out! 

British church service Sunday morning 

Lieutenant Schmidhuber

The Brigadier atop the house spying on the enemy 

A small fraction of the Continental Camp area 

The Brigadier

Until next year!