Tuesday, October 8, 2019

5-Star Review on Amazon - Tea in 18th Century America

     My first review on Amazon.com!  My friend, Sue Freivald, who is in the acknowledgement area of my book, gave me a most excellent review as a verified purchaser.  Now, while she is my friend and we enjoy the same love of horses, she is thorough and will tell me if something isn't right.  As I was writing the book, I would ask for her assistance in reviewing certain chapters, because as with any writing, there are things you can miss when you are so engrossed within the topic.

     Have you purchased via Amazon or Barnes & Noble?  Please give me a review if you have a chance.  It would be greatly appreciated.

     Now you can read what she wrote.
 "A bit of a disclaimer here - I was present at the conception and it is a delight to be present at the birth! First of all the physical book itself is lovely. The elegant artwork sets the tone for this delightful, insightful, and well researched book - about TEA, can you imagine! And Tea in 18th Century America. The author is a living historian with vast experience and expertise in the period - from re-enactments, cooking with original ingredients and methods, to handcrafting beautiful and authentic jewelry of the period.

It was only a question of when - not if - the all important and fascinating topic of Tea in this time period would find expression.

Kimberly Walters is an indefatigable researcher. Her passion for authenticity and this particular window in time in our country shines like Paul Revere's lantern to our present time and understanding.

I was privileged to read much of the manuscript as it evolved and was sure it would be both excellent to read and a lasting resource for those interested in our history. I was blown away by how truly beautiful the book is in its presentation.

Tea in 18th Century America places primary sources in our hands. Kim's voice and love of history showcases the information in a way that makes one feel called to brew a lovely cup of tea - to try some of the recipes included (with helpful updates for our time)- and to sit back with friends and families for a time of conversation and relaxation. It enhances our connection with those who lived in 18th Century America in a most tangible and satisfying way.

~ Sue Freivald"