Friday, December 20, 2019

Midnight Marriage - Historical Romance - Lucinda Brant - Jewelry!


Gorgeous new book cover!

     Lucinda has come out with the second updated cover of her new book Midnight Marriage!  I must say it is wonderful!  You can watch the making of the cover - here - and read all about Julian and Deborah's story - here.  Lucinda's character also have a family tree!  I really love the Roxton stories, and if you haven't read or listened (yes they are also available via audio) you should!  They immerse you in the time.

Emma Fried as Deborah Cavendish - just gorgeous!

     The collection this time is PEARLS!  I adore pearls, and was able to put together earrings, necklace, and bracelet with Swarovski Crystal pearls.  The necklace and bracelet come with the Roxton Jewelry collection tag so you know it is officially from Lucinda's brand.

The set - available in my Etsy shop 

Earrings are Swarovski Crystal and glass pearls with a  clear Swarovski Crystal 
to give it a bit of sparkle

 In this photo you can see the front and back of the Roxton Jewelry collection tag

     Deborah's (Emma) gown was inspired by the portraits below.  Wow.  Pearls throughout time have NEVER gone out of style - favor yes - but style no.  

     The Roxton Jewelry Collection - Antonia and now Deborah's jewelry - are at this link.  They are very popular, and you can wear these with regular clothing to work, an evening out, a party, or just because.  For those wanting to wear them with historical dress, they are perfectly acceptable - and if you do not want someone to see the tag take it off or cover it with ribbon to hide it.

Portrait of Mrs. Cardoux (by an unknown artist), 
and the Portrait of a lady, 1768, by Francis Cotes