Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Watch!

     Yes, you read that right.  The third watch that I am selling is an exclusive to my shop!  The actual body of the watch was developed by me, and the face is after an original owned by a friend.  This is truly a Sign of the Gray Horse unique item.

         "Keep me Clean and Use Me Well and I to You the Truth Will Tell"


     Many have asked who would have had a watch in the 18th and 19th centuries?  I often have people come in and think they would not have owned one.  We see runaways with a watch and they were not always stolen.  Soldiers and civilians had them as well as shop girls!  So many variables with impressions, but this watch would be good for most of them.  

 Original with the first prototype to show size and face - which I felt was too yellow

Second prototype - face much better and more gold

     This watch was made to be big and heavy, just like the watch fusee in the 18th and early 19th centuries.  When looking at the center decoration, you can see my logo hidden within it.

     Watches obviously changed as we move through time, with many (even today) using earlier versions.  Not everyone got a new watch, some used a family heirloom, and others didn't.  All depends who you were.  I also offer watch chains and equipage in my shop that I make.  I hope to develop a ladies cut steel watch chain after an original that I own next year as well.  So many projects, so little time and money!

A view to see the sides 

 The thickness!  Oh my!

     These watches are currently offered for sale at a pre-order price of $35 in my Etsy Shop.  They will retail for $45.  They should ship the week of 16 December 2019.