Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Bridgerton - A New Series!

     Last year a movie production company purchased loads of shoe buckles from me, but I was not told the show that they would possibly be worn in.  I often do not know who purchases for what or where my items will be worn.

    Well, just this week, the same company purchased a collet necklace and earrings - my kisses and hugs version!  They named the costume department as "Bridgerton."

     Well, I have a source can I talk with in order to find out just possibly what show or movie it was.  When I explained the name and whereabouts of this company, they told me that the series by Julia Quinn was going to possibly be filmed and then shown on Netflix.  

     It is interesting that this is another historical romance author's book that my jewelry will be seen in or on.  The first was Donna Thorland, the second Lucinda Brant (and I sell her line of jewelry in my Etsy shop), and now Julia Quinn!  Wow.

     I am looking forward to seeing the photos that will start coming out for the show, and if they will purchase more as there are eight episodes being shot according to this Town and Country Magazine article written last year.  The IMDb site shows the cast and crew, one of which is Julie Andrews of The Sound of Music fame.  Double wow!

     Stay tuned!