Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Historic Annapolis - 7 December 2019 Christmas Program

     On 7 December, the group that I organize came together again at Historic Annapolis to bring the Paca House and Gardens to life!  Their amazing volunteer photographer - Ken Tom - took our photos again and I was given permission to share some of them.

     The assembled company included Mrs. Ann Mary Paca, her family, friends, His Excellency Governor Robert Eden and Mrs. Eden.  The local dance mistress was also there to lead everyone in English Country dance!

     The year was 1769, and the Pacas are having a small get together discussing holiday plans, the house being built next door, balls in town for the season, and some political news slips in here and there with the men.

Mrs. Ann Mary Paca (Gema) and Mrs. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles)

     As part of our program, we spoke about the taxes imposed by the Townshend Acts and how they were a big political issue of the day.  William Paca was serving on the Committee of Inspection charged with enforcing the local non-importation agreement, and several newspaper stories and advertisements made note of the fact that goods coming into town had to be cleared with the Committee before they could be sold.  As publishers of the Gazette , Anne Catharine Green and her son included many stories of other American cities enforcing similar non-importation pacts, which undoubtedly helped strengthen local resolve and the idea that all the colonies were standing together on this anti-taxation issue.  Even if the Pacas and their guests are trying to steer clear of political talk in December 1769, there was no way to avoid the fact that political matters were affecting what one could or could not (or should and should not) buy in local stores.  Even as Governor Eden builds social ties with the local elites, he’s most likely thinking of how this will also help bolster his political position.

Mathias Borley, Mr. John Beale Bordley (Jim), Mrs. Eleanor Hall (Marie-Louise), 
Mr. Brice Beale (Michael)

     So much fun was had by all.

Mrs. Margaret Bordley (me) and Mrs. Caroline Eden (Krista)

Mrs. Caroline Eden (Krista) and Mrs. Margaret Bordley (me)

Mr. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles) and Mrs. Caroline Eden (Krista)

Mr. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles) in the Hall

Mrs. Margaret Bordley (me), Mrs. Bersche (Elizabeth), Mrs. Margaret Carroll (Michelle), Mrs. Wood (Victoria), and Mr. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles)

Mrs. Margaret Carroll (Michelle) and Mr. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles) 

 Mrs. Ann Worthington (Robin), Mrs. Margaret Bordley (me), Mrs. Caroline Eden (Krista)

Mr. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles), Mrs. Ann Worthington (Robin), Mrs. Bersche (Elizabeth), Mrs. Margaret Carroll (Michelle), Mrs. Wood (Victoria)

And we were joined by Mrs. Morgan (Karen) 

His Excellency Governor Robert Eden (Harry), Mrs. Caroline Eden (Krista), Mrs. Ann Mary Paca (Gema), Colonel Horatio Sharpe (Shane), Mrs. Margaret Bordley (me), and 
Mrs. Ann Tasker Ogle (Kerry) 

 Some libations for the guests

Mrs. Morgan (Karen) and Mathias Bordley

Mathias Bordley and Mr. John Beale Bordley (Jim) 

Mr. Charles Carroll the Barrister (Charles), Colonel Horatio Sharpe (Shane), and His Excellency Governor Robert Eden (Harry)

Amazing music by our musician Jeff Steinberg