Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tea with Mrs. Martha Washington at Mount Vernon

     Every year it has become a tradition for me and a few friends to attend the tea at George Washington's Mount Vernon that is hosted by his lovely wife, Mrs. Martha Washington.  It is held in the Inn, and consists of sitting with Mrs. Washington for a spell while she talks about the latest going on at her home, and then we go in and have a small bit of refreshment.  

L-R - Kerry, me, Elizabeth Keaney (Mrs. Washington), and Gema

     This year, despite the light snow and call for sleet in the afternoon, we made it there and enjoyed the couple of hours in her company.  I look forward to possibly going again in the fall, but will sign up again next year!  I love supporting Mount Vernon.

L-R - Shane, Kerry, me, and Gema

A wonderful snack with Bohea tea

My book in the gift shop next to a huge tea cannister!