Friday, July 3, 2020

Independence Day - 4th of July

     Happy Independence Day from the Gray Horse!  I will be at the Paca House and Gardens tomorrow, and wanted to send everyone a greeting for this special day.  Those of us that do living history for this time period, which is my favorite to interpret, it will be a glorious (and probably hot) day!  Well, our country continues to be awesome because this document is what set our country in motion for the freedoms we have today.  Each generation continues to progress to get better and better that many around the world want to live here.  

(Taken from the National Archives website)

     I posted the below meme from Grunt Style - which I found hilarious.  I actually write about tea from England in my book Tea in 18th Century America and many in the colonies boycotted it due to the political issues going on in the day - today we would call it "cancelling" it.  However, many continued to still order it!  We do not know if they ever received it, and many shamed others if they had it and insisted that they dump or burn it.  You can find out more about my book on tea at this link - here.

(Taken from Grunt Style)