Saturday, June 20, 2020

Summer 2020

     We are now into the Summer of 2020, and it feels like spring here in Virginia.  The Gray Horse continues to offer good quality special jewelry and accessories for your living history needs or just to wear everyday.  With events and shows cancelled, my Etsy shop has allowed me to continue to care for my horses.  I have been restocking items, making custom pieces, and doing research as usual.  For everyone that has supported my horses (because that is what this is about), I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Horses are about spirit, low energy, and peace.  Mine also love to eat peppermints!

     I finally received the pin ball rings a few months ago that I started working on last year in design and then into reality.  They turned out wonderful, and are now in the shop!  Perfect to hang from your equipage or chatelaine.  You see these being worn in the 17th on up into the first quarter of the 19th Century.  I also offer equipage in my shop.  Hang it with other items or all on its own.

Pin Ball rings realized - offered in silver, gold, or a matte gold

     The next item that I will be working on and is in development is the Martha Washington rosette earwire (or often known as a fish hook) and hanging Chinese bow pendant set (below).  This set is unique in that the pendant will be able to come off which creates two different looks.  In the time period, earrings like this were common for the lady to wear the top portion during the day for a less formal look, and adding a pendant for a more evening or formal look.  This also was the case for collet necklaces of the time.  You will see a hook that was there for a pendant.  I have the same style in my shop with this feature - the Duchessa collet necklaces.

Martha Washington garnet earring - Courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association 

Martha Washington garnet earring - Courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association 

     I hope to also offer the teardrop pendant that was a part of the the above earring set so that it too can attach to the rosette.  For those who would like a pair of the teardrop style - you can find it in my shop at this time as earwire earrings.  The original teardrop was modified into screwback earrings, and why I offer them to you - but with earwires!  The screwback style did not come into existence until the early 20th century.  I can modify the earwire to hang from a clip-on/screwback finding for those who do not have pierced ears and have done so.

     I have seen Martha's jewelry in person, and you can read all about my visit at this link.  George Washington's Mount Vernon is also selling the teardrop style earrings so if visiting or if you would also like a necklace like Martha's - check them out.  It supports me and this amazing museum.  This collection is considered "Martha's style."  

     I have found the garnet teardrop earrings to be amazing with anything.  I do offer them in a gold or silver-plate to give a unique look.  The originals were a gold wash over silver.  They are the very same size as the pendant that Martha had.

Teardrop earrings now offered in the shop

     That's it for now, but I will be back with more research and new offerings.  Please subscribe to my newsletter - you won't see a lot of them as I do not spam, but I do occasionally offer a deal or pre-order of items coming out.