Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Updates for Spring 2020

     It has been over a month since I wrote or posted on my blog.  Lots has been going on with the COVID-19 virus shutdown of businesses, and the cancellation of all events in the entire United States and the world.  I hear everyday that these are unprecedented times, and I agree.

 Bespoke Watch Chain

     So what has been going on?  I am ever continuing to do research, make new items for the shop, take in custom requests for jewelry (watch chain above is just one of those), care for my horses and cats, and I decided to spend some time doing things that I never have time for within my home.  So there has been a lot of painting within several rooms and other upgrades where possible.  Yes, I am doing the painting using historical paint colors!  That keeps me off of social media quite a bit, so if I do not respond or see something right away, now you know why.

One wall of my Dining Room.  The area above the chair rail is a sage green, the
bottom had a faux paint finish from the prior owners.  I used Great Barrington Green - 
a Historic Paint color by Benjamin Moore Paints below which turned out amazing.

     With the cancellation of all events, my Spring income for the horses did not come in to pay for several months board, their spring vaccines, physicals, and insurance.  I am, however, grateful for everyone who has been supporting the horses via my Etsy shop.  Without the Spring events, it makes it hard to develop or invest in new items or restock some of my current products as all monies go to pay for the horses or back into some business expenses.  Many new items are things that I have already had, so everyone will benefit from unique and lovely pieces.

     The Journal of the American Revolution wrote a great review of my book, Tea in 18th Century America and I advertised for a couple of months on their siteIf you do not have a copy, it is a wonderful book (yes, I am a bit biased).  When buying from my shop, I can send you a signed and/or personalized copy.

     Will be working on a refresher of my presentation on tea given at Historic Annapolis, hopefully will be able to sell at the Fort Loudoun Market Fair & Firelock Match from Friday, 26 June to Sunday 28 June, information on a program for the 4th of July in the Paca House and Gardens.

     Horses today.  


Nelson begging for a peppermint

Handsome Diablo

Mallory and Mindy - Thug Life

Haddy - she still has a small area on her face that is healing from a cut a few weeks ago