Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Quizzing Glass or Quizzer

     A new product is coming soon!  My reproduction quizzing glass, or quizzer, will grace my shop in mid to late March 2021.  Made after my very own original, it will have a 1.5-2.0 magnification (many originals were just glass and for show).  I will offer a gold and silver version - both are plated over copper.  The handle is held together by the screw just as the original was made.  

     My research shows, to date, that quizzers were a precursor to lorgnettes and a progression from monocles!  Or were they all coming out about the same time?  I have found an interesting article by Candace Hern - here - with some research on these unique items.  It seems that her earliest version of a quizzing glass is dated 1750.  I'm not sure I can do better than what she has put together, but will be continuing my research into them, and putting together a Pinterest board as well showing portraits and prints of ladies and men holding them.  A link to my Pinterest boards is - here

Above - gold and silver quizzing glasses with my original in the center.  Measures 3 inches long.

     When searching for quizzing glasses in portraits and prints, I came across a few from the Regency (Federalist) period.  I am still on the look out for earlier prints so contact me if you see them!

Portrait miniature of a young lady by James Heath Millington wearing her quizzing glass from a chain (dated about 1810-1820)

Rosamund Hester Elizabeth Pennell Croker, Later Lady Barrow 1827 - her quizzing glass looks very similar to mine!