Thursday, March 4, 2021

Satyr's Son by Lucinda Brant

      I've been so honored to work with Lucinda Brant on her new book covers, and this last one - Satyr's Son - is no exception.  The jewelry in this book was limited due to the overall story.  Lucinda's Blog has the main article about the making of the book cover and her research.  The article includes a bit of information about my jewelry and the Roxton Jewelry Collection available in my Etsy shop.

     In the Satyr's Son cover portrait, Lisa wears a gorgeous sapphire and diamond wedding ring.  Readers will recognize Lisa's wedding ring which is pretty spectacular - my version is a bit more affordable with real sapphires and Swarovski Crystals in a gold-plate over brass ring.  I will have these rings in stock soon, and you can make a pre-order at any time.  The ring can be made in 10ct or 12ct yellow or white gold or even sterling silver.

The ring above on my hand is real sapphire and clear Swarovski Crystals to make for a spectacular ring.  The contrast in colors is gorgeous, and Henri-Antoine had great taste.

     If you haven't read the Roxton Family Saga, I highly recommend it!  Visit my shop for jewelry mentioned in the book, and make it come to life in your own collection.

 Watch String in cover photo/art.  It was donated to the project by Michael Halbert - the artist who makes these for my shop - you can find many styles there - as well as an appropriate watch.  The watch pictured (isn't truly appropriate for 18th century, it is better for a 19thC impression but hey it was a donation!) was donated to the project by Smiling Fox Forge