Monday, April 12, 2021

Military Thru the Ages 2021

      I am remiss in not getting this posted.  The 2021 Military Thru the Ages was a success!  Despite restrictions, the event was held with precautions in place for all.  While there were fewer units in attendance due to having them spaced further out from each other, the visitors came and enjoyed the great weather and living history that is put on at this event.  Many have had their COVID vaccine by now, and were more confident in getting out and about. 


Photo by Krista

     Have a few photos from the shop, but was unable to get any of the event since I was busy selling!  It was a very successful event at the Jamestown Settlement, and I wanted to thank everyone who supported me and the shop that weekend.  As always am very grateful.  Thank you as well to Susan McCall for coming in and taking photos of us.  She is often in Colonial Williamsburg and posts photos on the Colonial Williamsburg Friends Facebook group page.  I look forward to next year's event.


Photo by Susan McCall


Photo of Kerry by Susan McCall 

Photo of Kerry, Robin, Krista, and I by Susan McCall 


Photo by Susan McCall