Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Military Thru the Ages, Jamestown Settlement, Virginia 2022

      It has been a little while now that I have posted, and I apologize for that!  So many things have been going on in the early part of this year, and that left little to no time to write.  But, I hope to remedy that as this year I retire from my day job and I can hopefully do more research and writing.


     My first show for 2022 was a great success at Military Thru the Ages (also known as MTA or Mud Thru the Ages after it rains) in Jamestown, Virginia at the Jamestown Settlement. As always, the event was full of really awesome living history interpretations from the Celts up to the current National Guard being on site.  This event has been taking place for many years, and the site is like a well oiled machine.  Those of us that have been attending for a few years know exactly what to do! 


     As usual, I did not get out of my tent that often to take photos of the interpretations, but the following are a few of me and my amazing assistants that helped me in the shop.  There are more of the event on Facebook at this link by Susan McCall, and I am sure there are more out there that I don't know about!  I am always set up in the Indian Village on the Settlement, and it is a very nice area.  This year we had several sutlers in attendance.


Jacket and Petticoat by Verdanta, and my cap is by Fashions Revisited.  Picture taken on Sunday!

Krista and I near the Indian Village in the settlement.  My jacket and petticoat are wool and were so comfortable.  Krista quilted her petticoat and it was a very beautiful thing.

The inside of the shop on Saturday - so many things!  The center board has watch strings on it, the one just in front of me are watch chains or pin ball ring chains.


I am standing with the legend Janice Ryan (of J.P. Ryan patterns fame).  It was lovely to see her again, and I truly appreciate and am honored that she purchases jewelry from me.  The photo was taken by Susan McCall and unfortunately I did not have a high resolution photo so it is blurry.

Standing with Neil, Kerry, me, and Janice.  Photo by Susan McCall.


     I highly recommend that MTA be added to your calendar next year - always takes place mid-March.  It is a very well attended event, so many like-minded people are there who dress funny, and you may just want to end up in a unit with new friends!