Wednesday, September 21, 2022

George Washington's Mount Vernon Market Fair 2022


In front of my shop on Saturday with a Jack Pudding Toys, Games, and 
Amusements stick horse that looks very much like my Nelson!


      Well, another year at the Market Fair!  The show had so many visitors, and it was wonderful to see friends and acquaintances.  Thank you to all who stopped by, and I apologize to anyone for all of the chaos - we were swamped!  There were about 50 sutlers (vendors) on-site this year, and the shopping was great.

     I set up a new area of the shop to go a bit vertical!  It works out very well for necklaces and to show off my book (which sold so a new one wasn't up there!)


     My sister came to visit and dressed up for the first time!  She was not a fan of the stays (corset) being tight, so we were able to get it just right in order to close the jacket.  She looks pretty spectacular!  Many thanks to her for helping me set-up, tear down, load/unload, and all of that in order to make it all happen.  My set-up takes a lot, and requires a bit of time to get it all done.  Having the help of Krista and Elizabeth also made all of the difference.


Wendy and I on the lawn at George Washington's Mount Vernon

      As usual, photos were taken.  I had meant to go LIVE on Facebook but with so much going on, I was pulled this way and that, and couldn't get my phone away for a few minutes.  I'm not complaining!  I am always grateful and thankful for all of your purchases.  I also cannot go without thanking those ladies who came to help me during opening hours which included Krista, Kerry, Bettie, Elizabeth, Wendy and Gema!  So much help this year that it allowed everyone to get out to shop and to take a break when needed.


Wendy and Krista

18th Century Thug Life with Krista

Bettie helping with the Hair Ornament side of the shop!  A life saver!

Gema and Shane

Elizabeth and Kerry

A small walk in the gardens

Krista in the gardens 
Updated Earring boards - a great variety!

We do sell a variety! 
     We ended Saturday evening with dinner at the George Washington Inn and Restaurant.  Thank you so much to Jim McGaughey for joining us as it is tradition to eat there, and for being so gracious to entertain us for the evening. 
Photo by Jim McGaughey
I hope to catch everyone 16-17 December for Christmas Illuminations, and Mount Vernon by Candlelight on 18 December 2022!