Thursday, October 13, 2022

Historic Annapolis Paca House & Gardens - Garden Party - 9 October 2022

     Every year the group that I organize in Historic Annapolis has a small garden party to socialize with each other in a more relaxed environment, and interpret at the Paca House & Gardens.

      We have been interpreting the year 1772 as we are leading up to the 250th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence of 1776.  We will see that 250th in 2026!

     The day started off cold as I woke up to ice on my windshield!  It gradually warmed up to a beautiful 72 degrees, and walking in the gardens was pleasant.  The site was so pleased with our presence, and we filled the gardens with 18th century life!

     As usual, we have photos!  The above photo is of our food table before more was added.  It was a wonderful balance of savory and sweet, and included lots to drink.


Standing in the garden

Taking a stroll


Friends catching up on the latest Annapolis gossip


Watching our F*cks Float Away...
Good port, beautiful day!

A lovely portrait

Ladies taking a stroll to meet up with visitors

Too much port?


Showing off the amazing silk gown, perfectly paired
Almost time to wrap it up!
The assembled company (we missed those who could not make it)

      For those who want to know about what I am wearing - the saqueback gown was made using IKEA fabric sheets/comforter cover that I sent to Verdanta on Etsy.  The cap was made by Fashion's Revisited also on Etsy.  The umbrella was by Barrington Brolly.  My shoes were handmade by Kevin Garlick in an avocado green leather.  All jewelry made by me.