Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Illuminations and Mount Vernon Candlelight, December 2022

      I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas for 2022!  This year has seen its ups and downs, good and bad, but I am always grateful and never take for granted the good things that come into my life.  Thank you to all who have supported my shop, me, and my horses!


The shop at night

     The two events that I was at last weekend in George Washington's Mount Vernon were Christmas Illuminations and Candlelight.  Both programs are different.  Christmas Illuminations is an outdoor event that focuses on the beautiful grounds being lit up, the fireworks, winter sutler market, and Aladdin the camel.  It is a magical experience as there are also Christmas carols playing.  This year Colonel Washington was walking about meeting his guests.  The culmination of the evening is a big fireworks display set off from the middle of the Potomac river.

A view of the mansion and grounds lit up. Aladdin was just to the left where the spot lights are.  He was a patient and wonderful boy this year for being over there waiting to eat or sleeping.  He is a veteran of this event.


 Krista and I ready and open on Friday night.

     Candlelight has tours in the house where you encounter the Washington's, their family, and friends (much like what I do at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis).  Not much focus outside, and since this year was bitter cold, many did not come down to the market or to see Aladdin.  I don't blame them!

     This year was especially cold as the past two shows that I have done which were very mild for December.  As you can see by our clothing, we were bundled up!  This is the only evening show that I do, and would love for it to be inside!  On my list of things to buy is a rechargeable/battery operated water pot to make hot drinks, and to have a small space heater in there if the site will allow me to have electricity running to my tent! 

Colonel Washington talking to his guests (it was 1772)

Jen wearing the miniature I made of her hubby! Her daughter's shop is Sage & Folly Apothecary.

The Colonel in Candlelight in the toy shop

Side area of the shop - I have targeted and soft lighting 
(not meant to be period accurate or else I would have candles)

As usual we always have fun!  Krista and I being silly.
A side view of the shop just before it got dark.

Elizabeth, Kerry, and I freezing on Sunday!  We were trying to smile.  LOL  
Always grateful for the help I can get and the ladies who take the time to do it.

The Colonel, me and Krista with the mansion in the background.