Friday, March 31, 2023

Having Tea with Martha Washington at George Washington's Mount Vernon 2023

      Every year it is a tradition to dress up in my 18th century living history clothing, buy a ticket for tea with Lady Washington at Mount Vernon.  Several of us sync up, buy the tickets, and all sit together and enjoy the wonderful food, tea, and conversation.

     I went again earlier this month of March 2023, and it never disappoints.  I highly recommend everyone go at least once.  This year we decided to dress in late 1770's and into the 80's clothing.  Photos as usual below! 

Shane, Elizabeth, Kerry, Gema, Lady Washington, and me

My gown and quilted petticoat were made by Verdanta 
Jewelry by me

     I did introduce the reproduction Martha Washington shoes made by Rose Galante (Etsy) to the reproductions on display of their original shoes worn by Martha based upon the originals in the collections.