Friday, April 14, 2023

Maryland Days in Historic Annapolis

      I spent the 1st of April of this year at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis. It was a rainy morning when I arrived, but the weather cleared up and allowed the sun to shine into the windows of the Parlor after I went inside.

     The living history program that I was there for linked with Maryland Days.  The official day of Maryland Days was 25 March; however, the museum sites in the Annapolis area decided to all celebrate it on 1 April.  This year was portrayed the year 1773.  We are continuing each year up to the 250th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence!  

     This year we had a member of the staff assist in the kitchen area as Sal who did an amazing job.  Our group was there as members of the Paca family, friends, associates, and we also had the governor with us.  Governor Robert Eden, Mrs. Bordley (me), and Mrs. Ogle were waiting on Mr. Paca to arrive back in order to play Whist.  Whist was a very popular game in the 18th century, very competitive and you needed a partner to play. 
      Mrs. Ogle, Governor Eden, and Mrs. Bordley (Krista, Harry, and Kim)

     We had a lovely day and then went out for drinks and dinner afterwards to the Rams Head Tavern - which is one of the favorite parts of doing interpretation or reenacting.  More photos below of the day!
     Governor Eden and Mr. Bordley (Harry and Kim)

Mrs. Ogle (Krista)

Showing off my shoe buckles and other jewelry all from my shop!

Mrs. Paca (Gema)

Sal and Sarah (Rose and Carolyn)

All photos by the Annapolis Living Historians who you can find on Facebook!