Saturday, June 10, 2023

George Washington's Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Reenactment 2023

      I'm extremely late in posting this.  I usually write up about my events for posterity pretty close to the actual event, and am finally settling back into regular life after the spring events to get this out there.

Photo of me by Elizabeth Bersche - Jacket by Sycamore Spring Clothier, umbrella by Barrington Brolly, Jewelry by Me, cap by Fashion's Revisited, and Hat by Fashionable Frolic on Etsy

     After spending the Fort Frederick Market Fair in the rain for a couple of days, drying out my canvas the few days I had before this next event, I was exhausted.  But the back-to-back events leading to the Mount Vernon Revolutionary War event is so worth the effort.  The events staff at Mount Vernon are really amazing people, and so helpful and accommodating.  The shop was set up and ready to go in record time with help from those friends who support me and my horses (and have stuck with me for a long time).  Those are the people that you know are in your life for a reason and a lifetime.  I have had others help for a season, and they ended up walking away due to their own issues.


Inside the shop on Friday before the event.  Photo by Elizabeth Bersche

      I wanted to thank everyone who stopped in to see me, and those who also purchased!  It is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted.  Here are a few photos from the event!

Our traditional photo with the General on Saturday - so blessed

Floyd settling in down at the farm area eating the most luscious grass

The ladies and I on Sunday

Right side of the shop

The sewing box with hand painted needle/pin cases (a unique gift only found in my shop)

My book on tea and a gorgeous necklace

Photo with my vintage fan

Me in a different light but you can see my shoes made custom by Anacronicos

Elizabeth - photo by Al Pochek

Necklaces offered in the shop - such a variety!

Watch string in the shop made by Michael Halbert

Elizabeth and Krista looking amazing!

Bill Buser riding Floyd as a von Heer Provost


Krista on Sunday in her IKEA gown

 Photo by Elizabeth Bersche, Krista Jasillo, and Al Pochek

Proverbs 3:5-6