Monday, July 10, 2023

4th of July at the Paca House and Gardens, Historic Annapolis

      Spent another 4th of July in Historic Annapolis at the Paca House and Gardens.  Arrived early to support our Mr. Paca presenting at a Naturalization Ceremony.  Congratulations to the new citizens!

     While waiting, I was able to get a photo with the President and CEO, Karen Theimer Brown.  Our group is always welcomed warmly.

     The day went by fast as we portrayed Mr. William Paca, myself (Mrs. Margaret Carroll the Barrister), Mrs. Mary Ogle Rideout, Mrs. Mary Clare McCubbin Brice, and Captain James Brice.  The year, of course, was 1776!  We had a wonderful time.

The ladies with Mr. Paca

 Trying the biscuits during tea with Mrs. Ogle and Mrs. Brice

The Dining Room and the amazing faux foods
Captain James Brice

Sarah and Mrs. Brice III

Mr. Paca talking with Mrs. Carroll the Barrister (me)

The group for this event

Me being silly with my brolly by Barrington Brolly

Photos by Ken Tom on behalf of Historic Annapolis, myself, and Elizabeth Bersche.