Sunday, August 6, 2023

Presentation on Tea at the Paca House and Gardens, 29 July 2023

      Was honored to be asked to give a presentation at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis on tea.  The content was based upon my book, Tea in 18th Century America.  

     This is the second time presenting on this topic, and it turned out to be an amazing experience with excellent feedback.  The event was also sold out!  We had an elegant intimate set-up, delicious food, and of course tea!  The Tea and Spice Exchange also provided us with free samples of loose tea as well to support the event.  Historic Annapolis put together a beautiful setting for  this tea.  They were wonderful, and many thanks to Dana and Janet - and everyone else that worked to put this together.

Starting the Presentation

I am unsure why I'm not smiling more, but just 2 weeks before this photo I was kicked by one of my horses, and then pulled down by another which tore some muscles and bruised me pretty badly - but nothing broken thank God!  So my stays are not fully closed, but now I know the beauty of stomacher gowns!


        The social aspects of tea includes the items needed to have tea which differs based upon your social status, taking tea and what they ate, when they drank tea, etc.  The below portrait is a favorite to show most of the items used for tea.  What I don't see there is a mote spoon but it could be on the tea board or assumed to be there.

 Still Life Tea Set by Jean Etienne Liotard dated 1781-83

      Before the tea, we went up to the passageway to check out the new floorcloth that replaced a carpet runner.  The floorcloth was made by Jennifer McKay Higgins Artwork.


Standing on the new floorcloth by Jen!


     Here are some photos of Gema (Mrs. Paca), Kerry (Mrs. Ogle), and Elizabeth (Mrs. Brice III).  Mrs. Paca welcomed them to her home for tea.  It was a very lovely afternoon.  Thank you to Dana and Elizabeth for taking the photos!

R-L - Kerry, Gema, and I

Mrs. Ogle talking with the guests

Mrs. Paca

 Elizabeth and I

Until next time!