Thursday, October 5, 2023

George Washington's Mount Vernon Market & Fair 2023

      Have you ever had plans for the day, and they are totally changed by one thing that takes place?  Today was that type of day, and it gave me more time to sit and write up my experience at the market fair this year.  I am a few weeks late, so please forgive me!

The set-up this year with my new awning to keep out the direct sun from the jewelry cases thus making the metal hot, and rain off the waterproof floor that I have down.

     I was blessed yet again to be able to be on-site to sell my jewelry and books at the George Washington's Mount Vernon Market & Fair. This year there were 48 different sutlers (vendors) on-site with a wonderful variety of items to choose from.  I was able to get out and do some shopping!  

     Thank you to everyone who came into the shop. It is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted.  I had a very successful show.

     Was able to get some photos of me and the ladies that take the time to come out and help me.  I cannot do it without them, and it is very appreciated to have their assistance.  You'll see us in different outfits below since we sold for two days.

I was told I am a woman out standing in her field...
Was asked to participate in recreating this print with Krista and Jen - we were not trying to be exact but at least in the spirit of it!  It was so much fun.


Colonial Thug Life


My fan matches my gown - which is made from vintage IKEA fabric

Elizabeth and I when a very nice woman came by to talk to us and also take photos.


Love this one showing off my reproduction and original watch chains. 
Elizabeth and Krista looking amazing!

Excellent portrait of Krista

Kerry along The Wall 

Overworking the staff...

Thank you to Krista Jasillo, Wendy Tyree, and Elizabeth Bersche for the photos!