Friday, April 19, 2024

The Silly Sisters at the Fort Frederick Market Fair, 25-28 April 2024

The Silly Sisters

     After nearly 30 years,
​​ The Silly Sisters, purveyor of fine reproduction 18th-century women's garments, is closing with a final event at Fort Fredericks Market Fair. Remaining inventory, such as stays, short gowns, bedgowns, petticoats, and  aprons will be sold at a discount.

    A large stock of fabrics, by the yard and by the piece, will be sold at wholesale prices. This includes wool; striped, checked, and solid linens; printed cotton and linen; as well as a large selection of very lovely silks. 

      In addition, our elegant Tentsmiths Marquee and shop furnishings will be for sale, as well as camp furniture and a Bell End Wedge tent. See below for a detailed listing of tent and other related items for sale.  

     We wish to thank our many devoted customers who have made our business possible. It has been wonderful making this journey with you. We hope to see you at the Fort!



Tentsmiths’s Rectangular Marquee, 14’ X 20’ comes with the following:

1 canvas top with black bound scallops, recently replaced

4 canvas wall panels with center ties, arrange to create 1 to 4 doors

2 12’ wooden uprights and 1 8’6” wooden crossbeam, painted black

24 6’ wooden poles, painted black

24 rope pairs

48 iron stakes

2 weatherline-rope pairs

8 heavy-duty stakes for weatherlines

24 small finials, painted black

2 large finials, painted black

Asking $3500


Marquee Accessories also available -

2 sets of 3 corner shelves, painted mustard yellow, plus brackets and toile curtains

1 set of 3 wall shelves, painted oxblood red, plus brackets

2 curved metal curtain rods, with toile curtains

1 free-standing sideboard/shelf unit with toile curtain and rod, painted mustard yellow

1 free-standing wooden bench, 16”d X 48”w X 18”h, painted oxblood red

2 free-standing wooden boxes, turned feet and w/adjustable dividers, 15.5”d X 24.5”w X 18.5”h, painted oxblood red

1 hanging mirror with drawer w/ padded wooden box w/ carrying handle

8 iron hooks, flat-topped to fit onto poles

pole-storage container and hardware

Pricing TBD



Tentsmiths Museum Wedge, 10’ X 14’ X 8’ with 5’ bell, canvas door openings at either end, plus stove jack (covered opening for stove pipe) on left side comes with the following:

2 7’8” wooden uprights and 1 10’ wooden crossbeam, natural finish

20 iron stakes

Asking $2000


Tentsmiths’s Fly, 12’ X 15’ bound, grommeted canvas includes the following:

2 8’ wooden uprights and 1 12’ wooden crossbeam, painted black

4 6’5” wooden poles

Asking $1800

Other Camping Equipment -

1 campbox w/storage compartments, 14.5”d X 26.75”w X 20.5”h, painted oxblood red

1 wood-burning stove on legs, exhaust pipes included (Museum Wedge has stove jack opening)

2 “George Washington” camp stools unbleached canvas and wood

2 camp cots, L.L.Bean, olive-green canvas and wood w/metal fixtures

1 vintage sewing chair with woven seat