Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Picnic with the Pacas in Historic Annapolis

     I have two blog posts to make that will be back to back.  I organized a Georgian picnic with the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis, and it took place this past Sunday, 29 September.  As a volunteer, it seemed a wonderful event to portray in 1772!  Mr. and Mrs. Paca hosted family and friends.

     While it was a hot day, we picnic'd in the gardens and Summer House at the back of the property as the Paca's possibly did when they lived there.  It was certainly a wonderful experience.

Summer House

     We set up a tea and large banquet of food, drinks, and desserts inside, and made trips out to the garden area (in the shadiest part) to greet guests visiting the house.  While this looks effortless, it takes a lot of research, time, and hard work to put something like this together.  While I work with the site, and coordinate those attending - our group has amazing people in it with so much experience and knowledge in which to pull this off.  I asked Gema Gonzalez (our Mrs. Paca) to take charge of the food, drinks, and table set-up.  As always, she never fails to put things together for a perfect meal.

     I can only imagine what people saw when they walked down to the gardens, and over the gorgeous Chinese Rail style bridge.  Did they feel as if they stepped back in time with us there?

Mrs. Paca (Gema Gonzalez) with Colonel Sharpe (Shane Kippenhan)

     Since we were inside the Summer House, many guests came in, and then stepped upstairs to see the grounds and main house from that vantage point. 

View of a part of the garden from the Summer House

     This hopes to be an annual program for the group!  

Poetry in the Garden with me, Mr. Bordley (Jim McGaughey), Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Worthington, and Governor Eden - wondering what I am doing!  LOL

Mrs. Chase (Nicki Foronda), Mrs. Paca, and Colonel Sharpe

Mrs. Paca and I (Mrs. Bordley - her sister) with a book on tea at our tea!  LOL

His Excellency Governor Eden (Harry Aycock), Mrs. Paca, and Mrs. Ogle (Kerry McClure) just on the other side of Mrs. Paca - you can see a view of the main house 
through the window. 

 Some of us braving the heat - Mrs. Chase, me (sitting), and Governor Eden.  Mr. Paca (Matthew West) walks back to the Summer House for refreshment.

The group assembled - Mrs. Worthington (Robin Marchionni), Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Ogle, Governor Eden, Mrs. Paca, Mrs. Bordley, and Mr. Paca.  Not pictured as he was taking the portrait is Colonel Sharpe. 

Colonel Sharpe and Mrs. Paca

The amazing banquet we had!

Me in the garden holding my Barrington Brolly 18th century reproduction 
umbrella in rose silk

Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Worthington, Mr. Paca, and Colonel Sharpe

His Excellency Governor Eden

The tea area - the tea table has the tea bowls and their saucers, spoons, mote spoon, tea pot, tea caddy, creamer, sugar, and slop bowl.  The side table has the water or spirit kettle.  Note the case bottle box on the floor.  The floor cloth was made by Jennifer Franz for the site.