Monday, May 2, 2022

George Washington's Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend 2022

      Another successful event at Revolutionary War weekend!  I first want to thank all that came to find me on the property.  While I was in the same place, the site had tried a different set up for the units and sutlers as there is limited space, so many did not realize that there were more of the sutlers over by the garden wall near the Green House.  All in all it was a very successful event, and I am still catching up.

 The shop ready to go right next to Steinhagen Pottery

     I was able to get out a little bit on Saturday in which to walk about to see the camps, etc.  The event was packed with visitors of which I am told there were up to 10,000 in two days.  This is great news!  


     Will hopefully have my Etsy shop open later this week, and as usual, here are some photos of us at the event, and if you go to my Facebook page, I often times will add a video to show you the inside of the shop before an event!

In my new Brunswick by Fashions Revisited
Krista, Bill, and I with Floyd!

Photo with the Dragoons

This little puppy, Brodie, was tuckered out.  Glad he had a ride!

Duffy on Floyd and I was letting Floyd know he would get to go back to his buddies at the farm soon

His Excellency came by and purchased a lovely pearl necklace for Lady Washington!

Lady Washington with her beautiful pearl necklace (available in the shop!)

Having fun with Jim and Aidan.  Pure silliness.  💟

Krista looking amazing as usual!

Selfie just before opening.

White Historic Art was a few tents down from me, and you can see the giclee with my Nelson bottom left!  
Had hanging up my Washington's Armor poster!  
My jewelry is in the show so make sure you check it out!