Sunday, June 26, 2022

Fort Loudoun Market Fair, Pennsylvania - 25 June 2022

      Decided to take a little day trip up to Fort Loudoun in Pennsylvania this weekend for the market fair.  I was a sutler at this event last year, and had to pass this year for a few reasons - one is that I am retiring from the Department of Defense (day job) after 34+ years - and the other that came up a couple of months ago is my terminally ill kitty named Barney.  He is, thank God, hanging in there and I know I am being given a gift of extra time.


Photo of me at the creek near the Fort.


     I arrived an hour later than I intended, and had hoped to get into all of the sutler shops.  That didn't happen, and for that I apologize to those who were hoping to talk.  I often get pulled aside by many people which takes time.  


Showing off my lovely pink watch string with the second iteration of the watches that I offered - you can see my yellow shoes!


     It was a very hot day, so I wore my new cotton jacket made from IKEA fabric called Alvine Blom with a linen petticoat that complimented the jacket fabric that I had made by The Silly Sisters which matched the blue in floral pattern.  My yellow shoes are made by Anacronicos in Spain, and I must say they are some of the most comfortable reenacting shoes I have ever worn (the other are Kevin Garlick custom shoes, and the American Duchess Dunmore).  The stockings are also Anacronicos.  I'm not normally a fan of this clocking pattern, but in the light pink it is so light you cannot see it as much and it matched my jacket as well!  The jewelry is, of course, made by me!  The shoe buckles are the Eden in gold.  The hat decoration was also made by The Silly Sisters.


Pulling a James on Kerry - Krista also looks unaware

Wondering if I turned off the iron at home.   LOL

Standing with Krista showing off all of the jewelry!  Unfortunately my jacket is messed up.  Doh!

Being Silly

Krista with a watch chain made by me and the first watch I have offered 
Krista going full beast mode on me - battle of the brollys!  LOL